A Live Musical Performance for Schools

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Grades: JK - 3
Audience Maximum: 250
Performance Length: 40 minutes
Cost: $329

Invite Jake Differ to your school for a “hilarious lively and engaging” participatory music presentation of award-winning songs woven with stories and infectious humour.

Jake sings and plays guitar and flute, and uses a drum machine to augment and demonstrate rhythm throughout his concerts. Each performance is a musical journey of many different musical styles (folk, jazz, r&b, rock, reggae, country). The children are encouraged to respond and participate in the music by clapping, singing, dancing and playing rhythm instruments.

THEMES : Keeping rhythm • Different musical styles • Music as celebration • Moving to the music • Singing together • Musical instruments as tools of expression

Audience Maximum: 30
Duration: 40 - 50 minutes
Cost: $50 (in conjunction with performance)

Enhance your students’ musical experience with a post-performance workshop to explore topics such as “Writing Your Own Song”, “Responding to Music with Art”, “Finding the Note, Finding the Rhythm”.

Jake Differ is a professional musician who has been writing and performing music for children for nearly 10 years. He has released three award-winning CDs, and has performed at schools,libraries, museums and festivals all across Canada. Jake’s music camp programs are a popular feature at his local museum.
• 3 x Parents’ Choice Award Winner, including GOLD
• NAPPA GOLD Award Winner
• Juno Nominee “Children’s Album of the Year”

Music By Jake
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"Even the shyest of students were enthusiastically engaged! It didn’t take long before Jake had adults and children alike, up on our feet wiggling, giggling, dancing and singing to the beat!"
- Teacher, TDSB

"Great songs! Excellent music! The Grade One French students REALLY enjoyed the show, as
did I."
- Teacher, Lakehead Public Schools, Thunder Bay

“The children fell instantly in love with Jake and his music. His
performance was hilarious, lively and engaging!”
- Teacher, TDSB

“Kids, parents and educators were thrilled to have Jake for a week-long camp. Campers were happy creating their own instruments and groovin’ to the beat. Jake’s winning personality put the children at ease and brought out the best in budding young musicians.”
- Education Director, Peterborough Museum