1. Hey-O
“Now the sun is on the rise, like a big balloon in the bright blue sky”
A piece of calypso-tinged joy, this song is a call to children (and grown-ups too!) to join the world-wide human musical party.
Listen for: Guitar, congas, horn sounds

2. Barn Hoe-Down
“Two horses dancing back and forth, one facing south and one facing north”
The silliness begins here, with a combination of real animal noises and “talking animals”, as the animals begin preparations for their big hoe-down night. Intricate country picking and vocals help set the giddy bovine mood.
Listen for: Guitar, fiddle

3. If I Were a Little Flea
“Maybe a butterfly would flutter by and ask if I would like to take a spin”
A child imagines a day of joyful flight in this whimsical reflection, set to gentle acoustic guitar, cello & piano.
Listen for: Guitar, cello, piano

4. Mississippi Tickle-Buggy Ride
A zydeco ride in the country-side! A bouncy accordion & rolling guitar keep things in motion, as Jake invites us all to jump in a tickle-buggy (Volkswagen Beetle, in his family vernacular) and create a rolling party, complete with balloons, clowns, and bubbles!
Listen for: Accordion, guitar, car horns!

5. Hey Lotty*
“We all have a part – sing it from your heart”
Jake’s infectious reggae version of this old sing-along song, amplifies the song’s inclusive purpose – to create verses as you go!
Listen for: Reggae-style drum & percussion

6. Pickle
“A cucumber has more fun, by far”
A silly interlude, this short song questions the life of a pickle.
Listen for: Banjo

7. Island Dreams
“Time has a way of just slippin’ by, the sun and moon take their turn in the sky”
A cold winter’s night takes a sleeping child away on an entrancing dream of the tropics – or is it really a dream?
Listen for: Guitars, steel drum sounds, flute sounds

8. Mr Wobbles Meets Mr Jiggles
“I thought they’d get along, I had a little hunch – so I invited them both for lunch”
Despite the unfortunate mixture of these two unsteady fellows, the guitar and cello keep imperturbably playing on, providing unexpected beauty amidst utter calamity.
Listen for: Cello, guitar, violin

9. Funny House
“The fire-eater cooked my meals, the knife-thrower cut my hair”
A delightful carousel romp through an odd, but happy, imaginary childhood reminiscence.
Listen for: Calliope, tuba sounds

10. Mr Farmer’s Truck
“Your head it bumps the ceiling, as your bum drags across the floor”
Imagine riding in a truck with four square wheels – it gets a little crazy, but it turns out to be fun!
Listen for: Fiddle, banjo, bouncy sounds!

11. My Hat*
“If it did not have three corners, it would not be my hat.”
Jake’s beautiful new melody for an old song, combined with simple guitar and a yearning cello line, makes for a gentle short interlude.
Listen for: Guitar, cello

12. Best Friends
“What if things were different, not quite the way that they are?”
A pretty piano part and some soul-searching lyrics might lull the listener into thinking this is a serious song… but be prepared for a surprise or two!
Listen for: Piano

13. Mules*
“When we stand behind the two behind, we find what these be for”

It’s hard to say who wins the speed battle between voice and guitar in this tongue-twisting cautionary tale!
Listen for: Guitar

14. The I-Thought-I-Saw Zoo
“I thought I saw a tiger in pink underpants – he don’t look so scary in that circumstance”
Expect the unexpected in this crazy zoo, where the animals do whatever they want. A rollicking r’n’b rhythm completes the sense of raucous rebellion.
Listen for: Sax & organ sounds, electric guitar

15. Seven-Bump Hill
“I never knew a better time… than flying in my sleigh down the seven-bump hill”
Remember the freedom of a snowy hill and a toboggan? Here’s a nostalgic winter memory of a real hill, which will resonate with any child that loves the snow.
Listen for: Banjo

16. Starry Skies
“No matter where we go, what distance there may be, the same stars will shine down on you and me.”
Originally written as a guitar melody for his own baby, Jake’s lullaby will catch the hearts of parents, and give children a moment to snuggle like the babies they once were (and always will be).
Listen for: Cello, violin

All songs written by Jake, with the exception of
*= Traditional lyrics, with new melody & arrangement by Jake